Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'd like to introduce u to this adorable yet freaking cute girl named OSHIN!! hahahaa.. name betol Sarah...skali tah cemane oshin plak peginyerr.. anyways..kalo name hang bedah pon pedehal... because you are too cute to be born to this world lah my dear..

just want to share some pics of her here......

"Hi my name is Sarah but people keep calling me Oshin.. i dont know why.. maybe im too cute i guess..i think can be cuter then Mia Sarah... hahaha.."

"This is how my hair should be done when im walking at the mall with my mom and my dad..or hair would be like thisss............"

"Helloooo... i just loveeeeeeee my hair...and the aunty who took this picture also loveesss my hair to death and almost cried when she saw my hair...i think because she doesn't have this gorgeous curly hair like mine.. pity u aunty..." (TT) aunty is crying.....

"here are some of my poses..... i have a natural talent rite?? when i grow up, i think i could be like Mia Sara..:)..i can be in a drama like Epilog Syurga Cinta..:)"


"When people ask me to selak my hair ("selak rambut ochinnn.....selak rambuuttt")... owh i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee doing it.. cant get enough of it....because people looking at me like im a lil chik hot star...:b"

"Please be jealous of my eyelashes..."
this aunty is crying again.....

Let's see some cute actions of me...the Only OSHIN!!!

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